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Our top 7 tools for seamless online collaboration.

It’s eerie, isn’t it? In just a matter of days, we’ve seen our world change dramatically. Each country is dealing with it in their own way. For us it means the streets of Amsterdam are the quietest they’ve ever been. 

We’re blessed to be able to work on location and working online with our own team as well as with clients’ teams was already part of our daily staple. With us all self-isolated, we had the opportunity to take team-work while being at different locations to the next level. And it’s actually been really good. We learned that we need more meetings. But we also found it’s easier to have an overview of what everyone is doing. We’d be lost without the online collaboration tools we use to get our job done. Our suite of saas applications to do our job at any time, in any place is what we call our Digital Toolshed. 

The least we can do in these times is to share the set up that works so well for us. There’s not ‘a best tool’ and you may like other online collaboration tools. But feel free to drop us a line if you want to know more regarding online working for marketeers and co-labor with project management tools.

Our Toolshed

Smartsheet - Online collaboration tools

For top level project management and to avoid email clutter. Gives us instant overviews of milestones, timelines, hiccups, et cetera.

Mondays - Online collaboration tools

For collaboration between teams, project management on a task level and to avoid email clutter.


For quick messaging and to avoid email clutter.

Google Docs

So we’re all literally on the same page and can write and collaborate in real time. And oh yes, working in Google Docs avoids a lot of email clutter.


To ensure smooth collaboration on creation of social posts for Instagram and Facebook. Did we mention the email clutter it avoids?


Our mind-mapping tool. In order to generate and structure ideas and conceptual thinking. Avoids a lot of meeting time.

Klipfolio - Online collaboration tools

A real time overview of all relevant online analytics; from Facebook to Google.

Toolshed #2- Online collaboration tools


Via email please. We use a very friendly telephone service to pick up our phone. Though they do an excellent job, we have to let you in on the fact they’re not us..

Where We Come From

Super Stories was born from an editorial background – 15 years of publishing cult magazines in the domains of boardsports, menswear and running. The term ‘cult’ is key. When thinking about marketing communications it makes sense to imagine yourself reaching out to a tribe. Online marketing language is all about target audiences and conversion. We think about target audiences as subcultures. With specific references, interests, language and values. Engagement precedes conversion. And substance does matter.

“A crash course in the dynamics of tribes.”

Making cult magazines with inspired content was a great crash course in understanding the dynamics of tribes. The magazine we started out with was called surf-snow-skate-streetart magazine RELOAD. It lasted for 15 years from 1997 to 2012, inspired a generation and was a hotbed for creative talent. Over time, things moved from parties with pornstars and pro-snowboarders to fashion events, and led to a menswear magazine called CODE. In between affairs we launched a running magazine for a client (Run2Day) that spearheaded in the Netherlands the new wave of running instigated by Christopher McDougall’s book ‘Born to Run’ – from traditional running shoes to barefoot freedom, urban running to women’s runs. Two years later, the franchise was successfully sold largely due to the content platform we had created. Change is inevitable. We founded Super Stories and expanded our team seven years ago.

We believe in great stories told in a consistent way – by sticking to the facts. Often, these brand stories have to be mined through research intersecting journalism and business anthropology. That makes us the pitmen of storytelling. And this is the largest diamond mine in the world. Mirny, Siberia. Not very sustainable…

The magazines are no more. Some things have always stayed the same though. A boundless curiosity and the conviction that reality is more exciting than most conceptual fiction. It’s what drives every documentary maker. It’s what evolved Super Stories into an agile content marketing agency – or integrated storytelling as we prefer to call it – with a range of international clients, mainly in the B2B domain. While business-to-business is sometimes referred to as ‘business-2-boring’, we definitely don’t do boring. High-quality storytelling combined with cutting-edge companies across a range of subjects – from the world’s strongest fiber, to the most technologically-advanced denim, from premium audio to sustainable textile dyeing – that’s Super Stories. Our team grew to include an international (a mix of Dutch, British, American, Chinese, Romanian and Italian) in-house crew, and a truly global network of independent professionals. We took a new approach to the tired language of content marketing. We are integrated storytellers.

“We are integrated storytellers.”

Today we’ve launched our new website. That sounds wonderfully dated. Yet after years of storytelling for clients, it’s rather nice to tell our own story. And with that we arrive at a shout-out to Gyor Moore, who designed our site. We enjoyed every bit of the collaboration. This website is also a shout out to our team. They’re great! And it is a testimonial to some great clients. It may be our business to add value to clients’ businesses, yet each successful collaboration also adds value to us.

Super Stories became who we are because of who we were. Are we going to be part of each other’s futures?

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