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Congratulations Andrea Venier: Recycrom is a true winner.

Rivet 50 is Rivet Magazine’s annual list of the most influential people in denim. This year was the first time the public was invited to share their voice. Rivet received over 6,000 votes. The list was revealed today in print and on the Rivet 50 site. Andrea Venier is one of the 50 trailblazers for 2019.

Andrea’s Venier is one of Super Stories’ clients. His company Officina +39 developed Recycrom, a breakthrough dye technology.

For us, it has been inspiring to collaborate with Andrea from day one. Our team was introduced his hometown of Biella with its rich history in textiles, his family, and the work of artist Michelangelo Pistoletto whose visionary notion of the “Third Paradise” inspired Andrea to rethink how dyestuffs can be made in a sustainable way. It makes us proud to contribute to the success of an entrepreneur who is changing fashion for the good.

And perhaps the most beautiful thing about his innovation: while highly technical, it’s also about simple things coming together into something greater than its parts… It’s exactly what the future needs. Right now.

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