By Super Stories.

We’ve had the word written large on the wall of our office for over a year now.
The letters used to be at home on the wall of a Belgium cinema. It was the 80s, we assume it was a porn cinema. So far so good.

As an agency, we aim to create the best possible creative work. And we do censor ourselves. That’s the reality of every agency. Our creative is bound by the parameters of purpose. But we can never censor the questions that are the foundations for true creativity. One of the first lessons a creative learns is to kill your darlings. Editing is as important as creating. Yet editing has to happen in the right stage. Never in the stage of conception – of research and brainstorming. That has to be uncensored.

Now, the word means something different. Owning our mistakes. Taking criticism. Being held accountable for the extremes we go to to find stories with substance. This is hard, since it deals with shame. We’ve been taught to excel, to stand out. But truly owning our mistakes is a gift to ourselves as well as to those we work with. Our mistakes are bright banners directing us towards excellence in that muddy affair called content marketing – and the fact that this banner means something else now only hammers the point home that, sure, you don’t know what you don’t know, but you’ll learn from your mistakes.

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‘Gentle Road Warrior’… Clyde Semmoh (1968 – 2021)

Clyde Semmoh was a friend of the family. We’d been working together for over 15 years. Initially with Clyde as the daily go to stylist for CODE magazine, and over the more recent years within the context of Super Stories. Today is the day of his funeral. COVID complications took his life.


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“No one ever made a decision because of a number. They need a story.”

Can you afford not to tell yours?