Nr. 4, The SpeakEasy

Podcast Studio & Meeting Lounge

‘Nr. 4, The SpeakEasy’ by Super Stories in collaboration with, is our in-house podcast studio and meeting lounge. Hidden in the heart of Amsterdam and timewarped from the Space Age, this intimate meeting space with private cocktail bar features a professional podcast recording facility – and all the services that go with it.


The Flow of Ideas

Super Stories and British podcast specialists partnered up to create the most funky podcast venue in town. Rent the studio or let us create and execute a full service podcast program. With recording sessions in the studio in Amsterdam, Manchester or New York. Or professional grade facilitated on location. Creating a quality company podcasting has never been this easy and fun.


Meeting Lounge, with a twist

Decorated with design classica from the Space Age, this space is about circles. It’s about connecting and inspiring, Nr. 4, The SpeakEasy offers a one-of-a-kind meeting lounge for private events. Complete with beamer, solid sound system, expertly designed cocktail bar stocked with carefully selected spirits and a range of specialty coffees, there is no better place to hold your next get-together in the heart of Amsterdam.


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