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Prosperity Textile
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Founded in 1995, Prosperity Textile is an industry-leading innovative denim fabric manufacturer. Prosperity Textile employs over 1,300 employees and operates 20 offices worldwide. With a second mill recently opened in Vietnam, it is one of the largest denim operations in the world. But size is not all that matters: Prosperity takes responsible manufacturing, aka sustainability, seriously. Super Stories was asked to position Prosperity Textile by creating and sharing its story.

Deeping Relationships

While being a large manufacturer that also provides R&D and design services for their garment producing clients, Prosperity was not yet a premium brand that instilled pride. Prosperity needed to shed the ‘Chinese mill’ image and be positioned for what they have become: a truly global and premium manufacturer of high quality and innovative denim.

True Indigo

Inside the Mill

Prosperity Textile was born in Shaoguan, an area of forests, rivers and mountains. As a family business, sustainability is not only the moral thing to do, it’s also the rational thing to do – this business will be passed onto future generations. It’s no coincidence that Prosperity is one of the few bluesign®-certified denim mills in the world.

Deepening Prosperity Textile’s existing relationships, with a focus on the European and American market, was crucial. The key was to communicate them as a Chinese company, while at the same time changing the perception of a “Chinese mill” by realistic yet aspirational imagery,

In collaboration with the Book of Denim team, the story of Prosperity was documented and visualized. Inspired by this visual language that reflected Prosperity as both a Chinese company as well as a global premium denim mill, a brand new website was created – backed by engaging Facebook and Instagram channels.

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