Class-Leading Apparel Manufacturer

2018 – Present
Positioning, visual identity, storytelling, digital assets

Based in Tunisia, Sartex is one of the biggest denim apparel manufacturers producing for the European market. Although Sartex have been supplying quality products for decades, they had no distinctive online presence. Super Stories offered visibility through an integrated visual identity, storytelling and quality digital assets.

Believing by Seeing

Bringing a Tunisian company home

While having been in business for 35 years, Sartex did not have a digital presence that was in line with the scale of its operation. In addition: with its tumultuous history, Tunisia is often misunderstood – the country actually has an internationally-oriented population, location and infrastructure. The assignment was actually simple: paint a picture that’s in line with reality.

A Manufacturer of Value

Sartex was created in 1983. Among the founders was Salem Zarrad, a former freedom fighter. Sartex was his way to help build an independent Tunisia: by giving people jobs. Now run by the second generation, Sartex has over 4,000 employees and produces for some of the world’s biggest brands.

The company has not lost its sense for pragmatic idealism: setting up schools and supporting various local social initiatives. Responsibility is taken also in the process of manufacturing. The company invests on an ongoing basis in the cleanest equipment and processes available. And being next to Europe in a democratic country with a highly educated workforce, they were ready to go to the next level.

Planting the Seeds

A strong voice and a clean visual identity

After a trip to the Tunisian base and in-depth discussions with the Sartex team about their strategy and core values, we knew it was time for Sartex to have a face online that would embody the strength of their services and heritage.

A brand new logo and website were created, backed with imagery created by an A-class documentary fashion team and in-depth long copy to bring their story to life. A short film and a digital magazine were also created to readily communicate the power of the company’s cutting-edge manufacturing skills to the European market.

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