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Africa Access
visual identity, website design, copy, name, logo

Importing in Nigeria is a challenging affair to say the least. The bureaucracy is extensive and complex. But it’s easy when you’re backed by extensive experience and deep knowledge of financial, customs and logistics domains. A new Nigeria-based logistics company needed a name, brand identity and online presence that would accurately reflect the transparent and experience-driven services they offered.

Nigeria, The Beautiful

Don't Believe Everything You Read

It’s easy to call Lagos dangerous. But you’d be leaving out a lot. It’s always been a vibrant place with intelligent, positive and strong people. Think Afrobeat and Fela Kuti. Think a country that’s expected to double its population to 400 million citizens by 2050 – and become the third most populous country in the world. Yes, Nigeria faces serious challenges, but it also offers serious business opportunities. Nigeria runs on imported goods. After having lived and worked abroad for 23 years, in 9 different countries in 5 continents, it was only logical for Marc Omes to start his own logistics company in Lagos with Narindera Chugh and Pieter ter Veen. He had the experience and an idea, but he had no name. That’s when Super Stories came on board.

Clarity, Identity

The Work We Love

Let Us Lead You

Africa Access offers a combination of high-level consultancy combined with hands-on execution of services. All it takes to find a way through the Nigeria’s bureaucratic jungle is one grounded conversation with Africa Access in which challenges and opportunities are charted out. Pain-free importing starts with impeccable paperwork and knowing the lay of the land.

At Super Stories we delivered the name, logo and website of this new company — all brought to life with the stellar photography of Hans Wilschut. The name and logo have become a source of pride for everyone working at Africa Access. Now two years later, the company employs over 35 people and generates a substantial turnover — and the growth has only begun.

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