Believe the Impossible

We Dare You

Brand campaign, social support.

DSM’s Dyneema® had already been on the market for over 25 years as a commercially successful platform: ‘world’s strongest fiber’. Yet no brand campaign around the industry applications and potential of the fiber had ever been undertaken. Super Stories was asked to develop and deliver a campaign that showcased the the nearly infinite game-changing possibilities of this wonder fiber. Enter: ‘Believe the Impossible’.

Making the Impossible, Possible

Dyneema® is produced by DSM, a global science-based company with 25,000 employees and net annual sales of around €10 billion. Dyneema® is a household name in certain domains, particularly in maritime and offshore use (rope) and the military (life protection). Communications had always been focussed on the applications of Dyneema®. Yet the power of the brand had never been shared in a truly aspirational way with Dyneema’s audience. The job: realize a film that reflects all all Dyneema® business segments. From life protection to maritime to protective gloves to apparel to new materials…

Challenge Extended

Photo, to FIlm, to Future

Super Stories created a film that captures the essence of innovations with Dyneema® – from ocean cleanup to sportscar construction — as well as the endless possibilities for innovation this technical platform brings. The film inspired visions for brighter futures. With social support, Super Stories dared potential new partners to believe the impossible – and realize their own visions with Dyneema®.
Using a new animated-image technique called Cinemagraphs, Super Stories captured that same essence as moving images. To our knowledge, this was one of the world’s first brand campaigns consisting of 100% cinemagraphs.

Believe The Impossible

The Story Continues...

One of the most recent innovations with Dyneema® is its use in combination with Carbon. Carbon is extremely light, strong and rigid. Yet it is also brittle. Adding Dyneema® fibers to the mix, results in an extremely strong, light and resilient composite. This composite was initially adopted by the high end automotive industry. It’s used for example in the sportscars by Koenigsegg, but is also used by Toyota Gmbh, the Toyota division that develops of the annual Le Mans car. In 2018 the Toyota team had only one mission: to win the Grand Prix of Le Mans for the first time in the history of the brand. Super Stories made a film that documented the heroic prelude of this long sought after victory. Toyota went on to win Le Mans in 2018 as well as 2019.

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