Book of Denim

A Love Child Gone Wild

Book of Denim
Visual identity, website, events, PR.

Our sister company Amsterdam Publishing publishes Book of Denim every two years. It focuses on ‘the world of denim’ through investigating cultural, business and trend developments. At Super Stories, we designed a distinctive, indigo-inspired visual identity and online platform where the Book of Denim could come to life – and PR and events aimed at a distinctive network of denim aficionados.

The Blue Persuasion

Book Of Denim gives a directional, professional, as well as poetic perspective on the world of this fascinating fabric. It is dedicated to the science, industry, and beauty of denim — presenting stories from denim’s deepest roots to its emerging cutting-edge.

A Walk on the Wild Side

An Indigo Identity

Communicating the Culture

For Book of Denim, stories, photography, Instagram page with over 20,000 followers and a website were created, communicated via PR and a launch event during the release in 2018.

Flying colours

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