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Officina+39 is a textile chemical company based in the historic textile town of Biella, Italy. It develops and executes new and sustainable ideas for dyeing, effects and finishing in the garment industry, with particular attention to denim. Their award-winning patented technology Recycrom® is a revolutionary and sustainable way to transform dyestuffs into colored powders that creates long-lasting colors with a vintage natural look. It’s made from 100% recycled textile fibers from used clothing and manufacturing waste.

The Unseen: Seen

Super Stories was enlisted to document and share the story of one of the most significant breakthroughs in fabric dyeing of the last 50 years. In an industry where greenwashing is an epidemic and new ‘revolutions’ are announced daily, it’s not easy for a small company to stand out and get recognized.

No Place Like Home

The Third Paradise

This is a story of place. Officina+39 is a product of their hometown of Biella where tradition and innovation happily mingle. As part of the ‘wool route’, Biella has been creating high-end textiles for millennia – craftsmanship is in their blood. And similar to the region’s culinary traditions, Recycrom™ is also built from the simplest ingredients: textile scraps. Biella is also home to Cittadellarte Foundation, founded by Italy’s most famous living artist Michelangelo Pistoletto. Here, scientists, artists and businesses work together on creating sustainable, innovative practices across all aspects of life.

From unknown industry trailblazer

Super Stories built a visual identity and website which confidently trod the line between heritage and innovation. Through full-contact PR, copy and visual imagery, Super Stories opened the doors to Recycrom™ and helped establish important relationships with tradeshows and prestigious clients. In the space of two years, the Founder Andrea Venier went from ‘invisible’ to becoming part of denim B2B magazine Rivet’s ‘Influential 50’ in 2019 – ‘an index of the most creative and forward-thinking leaders driving the global jeanswear industry.

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