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Dyneema® is the world’s strongest lightest fiber. It’s produced by DSM, a global science-based company with 25,000 employees and annual sales of around €10 billion. Its exceptional properties have made Dyneema® indispensable for high-stakes industries: offshore, maritime, safety, military and law enforcement, medicine etc., with annual sales exceeding €300 million. Super Stories was asked to position Dyneema® in a new domain: fabrics.

Entering A New Domain

DSM Dyneema recognized the potential in introducing ‘the world’s strongest fiber’ into the fabrics domain. Super Stories was asked to create a strategy to position and brand Dyneema® in this world in which it had zero visibility. And there was another challenge: it’s a premium product with a price to match.

Telling the Untold

Until then, the remarkable story behind Dyneema®’s discovery and long road to market was largely untold. Through in depth conversations with those involved, we discovered a heroic story that involved multiple co-inventors, happy accidents, quantum technological leaps, commercial innovations and a few experiments that under current regulations would be considered safety violations. In short: without the passionate drive by those who believed in the power of this fiber, Dyneema® would never have happened.

Great Inventions Start Small

An Integrated Approach

Innovation & Conversation

Super Stories developed The Dyneema® Project: a 360-degree approach to positioning, branding and lead generation. Not only connecting to the market (through dialogue and sales), it would be a platform for engaged storytelling that showcases product innovations by a generation of trailblazers who are building on Dyneema® legacy.

The Dyneema® Project is Born

Telling the Story with Excellence

Compelling short documentary films – backed by relevant and attractive Facebook and Instagram pages – quickly found a growing audience. Meanwhile, Trailblazers Magazine, an annual B2B publication, was distributed in print at the most relevant tradeshows and gatherings, featuring in-depth profiles of those experimenting with the world’s strongest fabric. Global PR ensured engagement with the distinguished consumer-base of The Dyneema® Project. And with an intriguing booth design, the storytelling became physical at the largest outdoor tradeshow in the world, Outdoor Retailer.

Case Study: The Ultimate Skate Denim

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